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A Brief Biography

Lindsay Ell is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist with an inclination to country-pop, rock, and blues. She is loved by hundreds of thousands of fans for her introspective and catchy songs. She currently resides in  Nashville, where her talent continues to blossom and where she performs at the Grand Ole Opry as recently as 2021.    

Being a respected and well-known celebrity, Lindsay Ell has the reach and influence you need to boost brand awareness towards a targeted demographic. 

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Lindsay Ell


Image credits : Instagram

About Lindsay Ell

Birthdate: March 20, 1989

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta

Occupation: Professional country-pop singer, songwriter, and guitarist 

Lindsay Ell was born on the 20th of March 1989 in Calgary, Alberta. Her journey towards becoming a musician started at the early age of six when she started playing the piano. At the age of 8, she switched over to learning guitar. Lindsay Ell started songwriting soon after, at the age of 10. 

A few years later, Lindsay Ell was discovered by Randy Bachman, a Canadian guitarist, singer, and songwriter – when Lindsay Ell was 15 years old. Her first album, “Consider”, was released in 2006 on Bachman’s record label. Her second album, “Alone”, was released 3 years later. 

Later on, Lindsay Ell permanently moved to Nashville where her love for country music was reinforced. In 2014, Lindsay debuted on Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music concert in Nashville. The following year, Lindsay Ell won “Female Artist of the Year” from the Association of Country Music in Alberta

Throughout her career, Lindsay Ell won a number of other awards including “Interactive Artist of the Year” (2019) from Canadian Country Music Association, “Country Album of the Year” (2021) from Juno Awards, and more. She has also released more albums including: “The Project” (2017), “The Continuum Project” (2018), and “Heart Theory” (2020.) 

Lindsay Ell is definitely an artist that many fans look up to – as shown by her strong following on Instagram (300K+ followers), Twitter (121K+ followers), and YouTube (168K+ subscribers.)

Lindsay Ell

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