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Spike Mendelsohn

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A Brief Biography

Spike Mendelsohn is a highly-accomplished chef and restaurateur based in Washington, D.C. On top of being the owner of multiple restaurants, he is also famous for being the fifth-place finisher of Top Chef, during the 2008-2009 season. Iron Chef America and Bar Rescue are just a few of the other shows he’s made appearances on. 

The celebrity chef showed off his writing chops with the release of The Good Stuff Cookbook.

With over 32K followers on Instagram and over 50K followers on Twitter, it’s clear that Spike Mendelsohn is one of the most notable and influential chefs of today.

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Spike Mendelsohn

Spike Mendelsohn

Image Credits: Flickr

About Spike Mendelsohn

Birthdate: December 15, 1980

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Occupation: chef, restaurateur, and reality TV star

Spike Mendelsohn, who is of Greek and Jewish ancestry, was born on December 15, 1980, in Montreal, Quebec. Eventually, his family moved to Florida, where they operated Pepin restaurant until it was sold some years later. 

It was in this environment that Spike Mendelsohn’s love for cooking started. On top of working as a busboy and dishwasher for the family business, he also worked as a cook when the restaurant was short-staffed. In 2005, Spike Mendelsohn graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and proceeded to work for various culinary chefs.

Spike Mendelsohn’s TV debut happened when he starred in Bravo TV’s Top Chef: Chicago (2008). It was evident that he was on the rise to celebrity status with his subsequent appearances on Top Chef: All Stars (2010) and Life After Top Chef (2012). 

In 2010, Spike Mendelsohn, along with his sister, Micheline Mendelsohn, published The Good Stuff Cookbook.  

The following year, Mendelssohn became a regular guest on CBS The Early Show. Within the same year, he competed in CBS’s Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs and Next Iron Chef: Redemption. Soon he became an in-demand celebrity guest and appeared on shows like The View, Good Morning America, The Queen Latifah Show, and more.  

Media appearances aside, Spike Mendelsohn’s family is the owner of Sunnyside Restaurant Group which includes well-known establishments like the Good Stuff Eatery, We The Pizza, and Santa Rosa Taqueria.  

Spike Mendelsohn

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