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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A Brief Biography

A celebrity of Kevin McDonald’s stature and influence can help boost brand equity and brand awareness. Kevin McDonald is a famous comedian, actor, and voice actor who has made his mark in pop culture. He has taken part in numerous memorable productions such as The Kids in the Hall, Lilo & Stitch, Sky High, and Galaxy Quest.   

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Kevin McDonald

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

About Kevin McDonald

Birthdate: May 16, 1961

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec

Occupation: Actor, comedian, and voice actor

Kevin McDonald was born on May 16, 1961 in Montreal, Quebec. When he was seven years old, he moved to Los Angeles because his father was transferred there for work. Kevin McDonald openly spoke about struggles his family faced, his father’s alcoholism, and his parents’ divorce. These challenges would later on fuel some of Kevin McDonald’s art. 

Kevin McDonald founded “The Kids in the Hall” in 1984 with his friend, Dave Doley. It was a strong start for Kevin McDonald’s career because the troupe’s efforts were met with success. He would later on land roles or appear in other memorable TV shows such as MADtv (1996), That 70’s Show (2000 – 2001), Arrested Development (2004), Less than Kind (2008 – 2012), Walk the Prank (2017-2018) and more. 

Kevin McDonald also voice acted in a number of well-known TV shows such as What’s New Scooby-Doo (2003-2004), Fish Hooks (2011 – 2012), Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2012 – 2016), and more. Kevin McDonald also did voice acting for a number of video games. 

And in the world of feature films, Kevin McDonald is best known for his roles in Dinner at Fred’s (1997), Boy Meets Girl (II) (1998), The Godson (1998), Year of the Carnivore (2009), Boys vs. Girls (2019), and more. 

Kevin McDonald has had a long list of awards and nominations throughout his successful career. He is undoubtedly one of the most memorable comedians of our time.

Kevin McDonald

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