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A Brief Biography

Before establishing the Famous Tube Family channel, the Rush family first gained popularity through their other YouTube platform, The Rush Fam, which was launched in 2015. Through their entertaining family content, they’ve gained a massive fanbase of 4.6 million subscribers and over 2.3 billion views. On Instagram, Famous Tube Family has over 55.5k followers.

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Famous Tube Family

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About Famous Tube Family

Date launched: October 4, 2016

Origin: Canada

Occupation: YouTubers

The Famous Tube Family YouTube channel features the adventures of the Rush Family: Tray (dad), Keshia (mom), Kameiro, Cali, Kirah, and their dog Nipsey. Their content mainly revolves around pranks, challenges, daily vlogs, and travel videos.

In October 2016, the channel’s first video entitled The Gummy Bear Song FamousTubeKIDS Edition was uploaded. Their most viewed videos include FamousTubeKIDS go to BUILD-A-BEAR Workshop (60 million views), SLIME Morning Routine! (43 million views), and 24 HOURS CHALLENGE IN THE BATH! (27 million views). 

Because of their online popularity, the Rush family has become a sought-after endorser. They’ve teamed up with various brands for their videos, including Nintendo, Spin Master, HEXBUG, and ZURU Toys.

In 2021, Cali officially released her first single, Starburst, proving that the members of the  Famous Tube Family are multi-talented social media personalities.

Famous Tube Family

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