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A Brief Biography

Teaming up with the right influencer can build brand visibility like never before. It’s all about looking for the most suitable public figure. Where gameplay meets lifestyle content, you’ll find SypherPK. This pro-gamer isn’t just a celebrity in the Fortnite world, he’s quickly building a huge following from pet vlogging too!

On Twitch, he has 4.4 million followers watching his gameplay streams, while his Youtube gaming channel has over 5 million subscribers. His secondary channels, “Sypher Shorts” and “Life with Aussies”, which revolves around his three adorable dogs, have already amassed 340k and 250k followers, respectively. Add the fact that SypherPK has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, and you just know that his influence is of epic proportions.  

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About SypherPK

Birthdate: May 10, 1996

Birthplace: Austin, Texas, USA

Occupation: pro-gamer, streamer, and Youtuber

Ali Hassan or SypherPK was born on May 10, 1996, in Texas, USA. On his 8th birthday, he received a PlayStation 2 as a present. Who knew this would be the beginning of his journey towards becoming a celebrity gamer? His interest in content creation sparked after completing a school assignment on a video documentary another field that would later on bring him social media fame. 

In 2011, SypherPK launched his Youtube channel. On his platform, he mainly uploaded videos related to the game “Runescape”. Aside from the usual gameplay content, what set him apart and helped him grow his channel was the educational videos involving gaming tips and tricks that he shared as well. A year later, SypherPK took his skills to the Twitch platform too. 

From 2013 to 2016, he began playing other games such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, “The Elder Scrolls Online”, “Overwatch”, and “For Honor”. His big break came in 2017 when he shifted to “Fortnite”. Just a year later, he hit the one million subscriber milestone on Youtube. 

After honing his skills in this game that became a worldwide phenomenon, SypherPK teamed up with fellow streamer NickMercs. The pair went on to win the “Friday Fortnite tournament”. With their high kill numbers and clever tactics, the two players ended up being an unstoppable duo in Fortnite. Soon, SypherPK signed with Luminosity Gaming and competed in more major tournaments. 

Today, SypherPK is known as one of the world’s premier Fortnite streamers and the “Trap King”. He’s among the top 5 best gamers in the PC players category. Because of his expertise in Fortnite, he began to create instructional videos with tips and strategies for other players on his channel. Currently, he’s also within the top 15 for kills in Fortnite and in the top 60 for global wins. 

SypherPK isn’t only a huge icon in the gaming world with over 5 million subscribers on Youtube, but he’s also a famous pet vlogger. His “Life with Aussies” Youtube channel, where he posts content about his lovable dogs, currently has 250k subscribers. This celebrity streamer and proud dog dad is clearly winning at life by engaging both gamers and pet lovers with his refreshing content.


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