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ZHC - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

ZHC is a content creator famous for his art and illustration content. 

If you’ve ever seen people raving about artistically customized phones, tablets, cars, or even schools and houses, it’s most likely the work of ZHC. 

Will this inventive influencer bring his colorful personality to your next event or brand campaign? 

About Talent Connect

If you need to get in touch with ZHC, Talent Connect is the team for the task.

We may not directly represent our celebrity contacts, but we can help you connect with ZHC’s agent or manager. Our goal is to help you successfully promote your business, services, or products via celebrity endorsements from social media stars like ZHC. Prepare your blueprint for the ultimate campaign, because we can make the connection you’re looking for. 


About ZHC - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Instagram

About ZHC

Birthdate: January 14, 1999 

Birthplace: San Jose, California, USA 

Occupation: Content Creator 

Zachary Hsieh, known in the digital world as ZHC, is a content creator and artist all in one. 

His illustrations, both cartoon-like and hyper-realistic, have been taking the internet by storm. How big is this storm, you ask? Well, if we measure it in followers, that’s 25 million on YouTube, 15.4 million on TikTok, and 3 million on Instagram

ZHC’s engaging content encompasses competitive drawing with his friends, quirky art challenges, travel vlogs, viral challenges, comedy skits, and giveaway contests. 

This content creator’s art even traverses the world of philanthropy, as he and his team took it upon themselves to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic. They painted classrooms, made murals, and donated over 24 PlayStation 5 units to Children In Need. On top of that, the group of artists hand-painted each home in the Arroyo Seco Tiny Home Village in Highland Park, Los Angeles. The village offers transitional homes for community members who experience homelessness.

His collaborations transcend genres too, as ZHC even surprised the K-Pop phenomena, SEVENTEEN with customized T-shirts.


Talent Connect can help you seamlessly book famous content creators for media appearances, brand endorsements, corporate events, private parties, or speaking engagements. We’re here to get you in touch with ZHC’s manager or agent. 



Thanks to our large-scale pool of industry contacts, you won’t have to go about it alone when reaching out to content creators, like ZHC. All you have to do is reach out to our team, and we’ll make the connection between you and ZHC’s agent or manager. 


Thanks to our ample range of up-to-date industry contacts, you will get connected to ZHC’s manager or agent quickly and efficiently. The answer to celebrity bookings is Talent Connect. 


Much like other digital content creators, ZHC’s booking price varies depending on a number of elements, such as:

  • The task(s) and amount of time you need from the celebrity
  • The type of event (public, private, corporate, etc.)
  • The date and time of the event
  • The celebrity’s schedule
  • Other engagements

 There might also be additional expenses that are not included in the booking’s flat rate. This encompasses travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and transportation for in-person events. For more information on ZHC’s booking price, reach out to Talent Connect today! 

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