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Younes Zarou

Image Credits: Younes Zarou

A Brief Biography

Younes Zarou, more popularly known as YZ, is a German social media star who made his mark on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

YZ was catapulted to internet stardom when he famously livestreamed his daily life during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown. Before documenting the stay-at-home pandemic life, YZ entertained his audience with substantial camera trick videos that truly shined the spotlight on his digital talent. 

With his broad audience and evident X factor as an infliuencer, YZ will be the completing factor to the alphabet of your next campaign or brand launch. 

About Talent Connect

If you need to reach YZ, we’re here to make it happen! Talent Connect may not directly represent our celebrity contacts, but our team is specially authorized to help you connect with YZ’s agent or manager. 

Our objective is to help you successfully promote your business, services, or products by means of celebrity endorsements from famous content creators like YZ. Aside from bridging the connection, Talent Connect also has a team of digital marketing experts that can dream up a campaign for your business. Contact us for more information. 



Image Credits: Younes Zarou

About YZ

Birthdate: January 26, 1998

Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany   

Occupation: Content Creator, and entrepreneur

YZ is synonymous with spectacular, and the proof is in his astonishing digital content. His 49.7 million followers on TikTok and 6.2 million followers on Instagram are strong attestations to the high quality of content that this social media star produces. 

The focus of his content lies primarily in camera trick videos that could give any fantasy film or magic show a run for its money. The digital surrealism methods that he employs are nothing short of mindblowing. From pulling an endless hangnail to stitching a winding freeway on a sewing machine, there’s never a boring moment when scrolling through YZ’s feed. 

Switching it up a bit, YZ embraced the lockdown situation during the height of the pandemic by live streaming his daily life on social media.

Adding even more dynamic to his content, the influencer also established Totally MGMT, a content creator management company based in Berlin. 

This is one influencer who brings showstopping content to the table—and he could be the magic that your next campaign or event needs to step up to the plate. 


Talent Connect can help you book social media influencers, like YZ, for a variety of engagements, such as media appearances, brand endorsements, corporate events, private parties, speaking engagements, and more. Our team will gladly assist you in getting in touch with YZ’s agent or manager 

Though most high-profile content creators like YZ actively respond to media inquiries, you may come across a number of obstacles in making a connection. The most common hassle is finding false or outdated contact information. We’re here to guarantee you steer clear of these obstacles with our reliable services and industry contacts. 

To start booking media appearances, such as virtual events, podcasts, TV appearances, magazine feature articles, etc., our team will get you in touch with YZ’s agent or manager. 

Usually, the management of top influencers is open and receptive to opportunities from businesses and organizations. However, communication gaps are unavoidable. You may have the wrong contact information, or busy schedules may result in overlooked messages.

If you need to get in touch with YZ’s agent or manager quickly and effectively, our experienced team can make it happen for you. With our expertise in making connections and extensive pool of up-to-date contacts, booking celebrities is easier than ever.

Similar to other influencers, YZ’s booking price varies depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The task(s) and amount of time you need from the celebrity
  • The type of event (public, private, corporate, etc.)
  • The date and time of the event
  • The celebrity’s schedule
  • Other engagements

There might also be additional expenses that are not included in the booking’s flat rate, such as travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and transportation for in-person events. For more information on YZ’s booking fee, reach out to us today! 

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