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Signa Mae O’Keefe

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Signa Mae O’Keefe is a beauty and mental health influencer with a talent for making content that demands attention. Her photos and reels often highlight her personal experiences with mental health, skincare tips, get-ready-with-me videos, and inspirational content. 

Going beyond the trends of lip-sync videos, Signa Mae O’Keefe’s content syncs to the beat of expressiveness and sassiness. 

Will this content creator be the high point of your next brand campaign? 

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Signa Mae O’Keefe

Signa Mae O’Keefe

Image Credits: Instagram

About Signa Mae O’Keefe

Birthdate: September 18, 2003 

Birthplace: Minnesota, USA 

Occupation: Content creator 

Signa Mae O’Keefe, fondly known as Sig, is a social media star who advocates for mental health and beauty. The Gen Z content creator first rose to fame due to her lip-sync videos. Now, she expanded her niche to addressing mental health by means of hard-hitting song lyrics and inspirational words of wisdom. 

When she isn’t busy tackling mental health issues, you can find her showcasing her skincare regimen, sharing makeup tips, or posting reels and selfies with her friends and family. From her get-ready-with-me and clean-my-room-with-me videos all the way to her daily reminders that she believes in you, Signa Mae O’Keefe’s content is the perfect blend of fun and fundamental. 

Currently, she has a TikTok following of 5.5 million and an Instagram following of 589K. 

Signa Mae O’Keefe

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