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A Brief Biography

Scott Hentzepeter is a Dutch TikTok creator who catapulted to digital fame as @scottsreality

His unconventional niche traverses unique food preparation techniques that you can’t help but watch twice (yet should not try at home). Other times, his loyal 38 million followers are served with interactive content that prompts them to guess what color or what type of food is disguised within a mysterious deep-fried coating.

Scott Hentzepeter knows how to keep his viewers on the edge of their seats. His talent for producing quality content is bound to shine at your next brand campaign or event! 

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Scott Hentzepeter

Scott Hentzepeter

Image Credits: Google

About Scott Hentzepeter

Birthdate:  October 24, 1994

Birthplace: The Netherlands 

Occupation: Content Creator 

Scott Hentzepeter, professionally known as Scott or @scottsreality, puts a seriously mind-boggling twist to actual reality. 

Once you land on his TikTok page, you have to unlearn everything you know about the conventional and mundane—because all his posts are the exact opposite of those notions. 

His forte includes mashing entire wine bottles with a mortar and pestle, deep frying household objects such as sponges and toilet rolls, and making completely impractical phone cases from various types of food. On other occasions, you can find him posting content of himself cleaning up the ocean in different parts of the world or testing out Heat cases.

Outlandish is the game, and Scott Hentzspeter is winning it.

Scott Hentzepeter

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