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Pongámoslo a Prueba - Talent Connect

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A Brief Biography

Pongámoslo A Prueba is a channel led by a trio of home experimenters. Jimmy Alvarez, Ana Alexandra Nuńez, and Roberto are the three masterminds behind Pongámoslo A Prueba, which translates in English to “let’s put it to the test.” 

The main characters of this fun-filled channel share homemade experiments, stress test a variety of products, and debunk multiple myths. With Jimmy as the face of the group and Ana and Roberto working the magic behind the scenes, the group never fails to deliver short but sweet content to watch for hours on end. 

Pongámoslo A Prueba is bound to be the highlight of your next event or brand campaign.

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Pongámoslo a Prueba

About Pongámoslo a Prueba - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Instagram

About Pongámoslo a Prueba

Debut date: May 24, 2021

Occupation: Content Creators 

Pongámoslo A Prueba is composed of Jimmy Alvarez, Ana Alexandra Nuñez, and Roberto. The focus of their captivating channel is to test products, conduct fun experiments, and debunk myths. 

From turning a piece of nano tape into a balloon all the way to transforming a lemon into a candle, this group has done it all. Kicking it up a notch, Pongámoslo A Prueba even tested car technology that claims to emit less pollution. 

So far, Pongámoslo A Prueba has a 40.1 million-strong following on TikTok, 2.4 million followers on Instagram, and 9.93 million subscribers on YouTube

With one astounding experiment after the other, their audience gets treated to both a laugh and a lesson. 

Pongámoslo a Prueba

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