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A Brief Biography

Ondy Mikula is a content creator who is followed by 38.5 million TikTokers. With over 500 million collective likes on the short-form video app, Ondy Mikula was deemed the most famous TikTok user in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Known for his video editing tutorials and flamboyant hoodies and headwear, this social media star is a wholesome and helpful icon that would make the ideal campaign ambassador. 

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Ondy Mikula

Ondy Mikula

Image Credits: Google

About Ondy Mikula

Birthdate:  June 27, 2001

Birthplace: Ostrava, Czech Republic 

Occupation: Content Creator 

Ondy Mikula is a TikTok personality who found his niche in uploading easy video editing tutorials. 

On top of sharing his virtual editing expertise, this young influencer’s extra claim to fame is his pop culture-inspired onesies and hoodies that audiences can’t get enough of—from Spider-Man all the way to Chimmy from BT21. Sporting a very optimistic energy, Ondy Mikula is one of the most substantially entertaining influencers in the TikTok realm.

Ondy Mikula

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