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Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Kunno is fluent in fabulous. This fashion and lifestyle content creator never fails to paint your newsfeed in glitter. 

From his extravagant OOTDs and travel content all the way to his award show appearances, Kunno loves to give his followers glimpses into his glitzy way of life. With a dance cover and lip sync video here and there, Kunno is the epitome of a shimmering mainstream TikTok star.  

Will Kunno bring his signature glam to your next brand campaign or event?

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Image Credits: Instagram

About Kunno

Birthdate: May 8, 2000

Birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico 

Occupation: Content creator 

Guillermo Kunno, more popularly known as Kunno or Papi Kunno, is a Mexican social media influencer. 

Famous for his extraordinary sense of fashion and makeup looks, Kunno caters to a massive audience on both TikTok and Instagram

The lifestyle vlogger first catapulted to TikTok fame in 2020, when he went viral for his “Kunno Caminata” video. That same year, Kunno exercised his acting skills by appearing in an episode of Como dice el Dicho.

Proving to be a multifaceted artist, Kunno even released a song titled “Tal Vez No.” 

But wait—there’s more. Fans can literally wear their love for Kunno on their sleeves by rocking a hoodie from the Kunno Collection


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