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Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Khabane Lame, “Khaby” for short, is a social media personality who gained popularity for posting comedic videos where he responds to people’s problems—and provides an obvious answer. The face he makes at the end of each video is what sealed the deal between him and his loyal TikTok followers.

Amassing 153.5 million followers and 2.5 billion likes on TikTok, Khabane Lame has done wonders online. He currently holds the crown as the most followed person on the platform.

With the charisma and power that Khabane Lame has, booking him for your projects will be a great choice!

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Khabane Lame

Khabane Lame

Image Credits: Instagram

About Khabane Lame

Birthdate: 9 March, 2000

Birthplace: Ziguinchor, Senegal 

Occupation: TikTok Influencer, YouTuber

Khabane Lame began posting content on his TikTok account in March 2020. What makes this influencer so unique is that he doesn’t speak or make sounds in his videos. On top of that, Khabane has a nonchalant attitude that acts as the punchline of his comedic videos on the app. Because of this, he captured the hearts of people everywhere and became the platform’s most-followed star. 

Apart from his TikTok account, he also has a self-titled YouTube channel. Here, Khabane Lame mostly posts compilations, reactions, and promotional content. This social media personality even caught the eye of Hugo Boss and was named a brand ambassador. 

Given the amazing influence and power that Khabane Lame has, booking him for your projects will surely boost your business to new heights. 

Khabane Lame

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