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A Brief Biography

Junya is famous for slapstick comedy and mukbang content that gets everyone laughing and tapping the like button at the speed of light. 

Currently the most subscribed YouTuber in Japan, Junya has a YouTube audience of over 20 million. On top of that, his TikTok following stands at a spectacular 43.2 million.  

Making people laugh consistently is a talent that only a few possess, and Junya commands this skill like a pro. That being said, this content-creating master is set to bring energetic flair to your next brand campaign or event. 

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If you need to contact Junya, we’re here to make it happen! Talent Connect may not directly represent the celebrities in our database, but our team is specially authorized to help you get in touch with Junya’s agent or manager. 

Our goal is to help you successfully promote your business, services, or products by means of celebrity endorsements from famous content creators like Junya. Whether you’re just looking to make a connection or are in need of digital experts to dream up a campaign for you, Talent Connect has got you covered!



Image Credits: Google

About Junya

Birthdate: October 27, 1991 

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan 

 Occupation: Content Creator 

Junya Gou, mononymously known as Junya, is a Japanese YouTube and TikTok content creator who makes funny his business. 

His videos are primarily short compilations of outlandish challenges wherein he utilizes the most random everyday items. From chopsticks and clothing pins all the way to balloons and straws, Junya Gou can transform mundane things into unconventional comedy gold

Your upcoming brand campaign or event will be kicked up a notch with the powerful presence of Junya.  


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Reach out to us, and we’ll get you in touch with Junya’s agent or manager.

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Just like other content creators, Junya’s booking price varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The task(s) and amount of time you need from the celebrity
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There might also be additional expenses that are not included in the booking’s flat rate, such as travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and transportation for in-person events. For more information on Junya’s booking fee, simply reach out to us!

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