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Jessica Woo

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Jessica Woo is the queen of bento boxes. She wears her crown as a proud mom of three who prepares creatively delicious lunches that rake in millions of views. 

While her endearing recipes and plating take center stage, it’s her heartwarming notes that are the true cherry on top of each bento box. 

Will this culinary queen mother be the muse of your next brand campaign or event?  

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Jessica Woo

Jessica Woo

Image Credits: Instagram

About Jessica Woo

Birthdate: October 21, 1986 

Birthplace: USA

Occupation: Content creator 

Sulhee Woo, more popularly known as Jessica Woo, is a social media personality who skyrocketed to fame with a hearty bento box in hand. 

Her creativity, culinary prowess, and love for her kids truly shine through in each and every one of her posts. From her Korean bossam lunches and dreamy rose dumplings all the way to ultra-sized Superbowl snack spreads and Filipino adobo, this bento box queen lives up to her title and then some! 

To create the perfect balance, she peppers her food-driven TikTok and Instagram feed perfectly with the occasional DIY and beauty videos. Her husband and three daughters also frequently make guest appearances, especially on special occasions. 

Jessica’s Woo’s content is literally feed goals. 

Jessica Woo

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