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Heres Your Monkey Content - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Heres Your Monkey Content is a social media page that features a pair of playful monkeys named Georgie Boy and Nash.

The primary purpose of the channel is to well…give you monkey content!

Showcasing their bright curiosity, the two adorable monkeys are often seen opening packages or mischievously jumping around their personal playground.

Will you be swinging to higher levels of success with Heres Your Monkey Content as the brand ambassador?  

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Heres Your Monkey Content

About Heres Your Monkey Content - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Instagram

About Heres Your Monkey Content


May 17, 2009 (Georgie Boy) 

June 10, 2021 (Nash) 

Birthplace: United States 

Occupation: Content Creator 

Heres Your Monkey Content stars Georgie Boy and Nash as the main characters with undeniable charm. 

Their love for opening presents and snacking on fruits and nuts never fail to collect those double taps from their TikTok following of 17.5 million. 

While Georgie Boy, sadly, passed away at 12 years old, his brother Nash lives on to create their iconic monkey shenanigans that captivate a large audience on TikTok and Instagram

Heres Your Monkey Content

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