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DonaldDucc - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Tiktok

A Brief Biography

TikTok houses diverse content, and it’s no surprise to see a Donald Duck impersonator. On the @DonaldDucc page, you’ll find an incredible puppeteer famous for using a Donald Duck puppet to react to different trends on the internet. The account is managed by Enzo Schiappa, who has an excellent voice replication of the original Disney duck.

Because of his comedic skits on TikTok, DonaldDucc rose to fame and gathered over 24 million followers. Featuring him in your next campaign might just be the magic your brand needs!

About Talent Connect

Talent Connect is a platform that helps businesses to flourish through celebrity endorsements. While we don’t directly represent artists, our team has connections with various TikTok influencers like DonaldDucc. With our help, you can establish a reliable connection with DonaldDucc’s manager and discuss business opportunities!


About DonaldDucc - Talent Connect

Image Credits: Tiktok

About DonaldDucc

Birthdate: 18 July, 2003

Birthplace: USA 

Occupation: YouTuber, TikToker, Vlogger, Puppeteer

Before his TikTok fame, Enzo Schiappa, also known as DonaldDucc, started attracting audiences through his YouTube channel. On this platform, he produced videos wherein he controlled a Donald Duck puppet. His voice perfectly imitated the original so flawlessly—making it seem like the magical Disney character really came to life. Later on, Enzo gained popularity because of his gaming videos, where you can catch the puppeteer playing Minecraft and Roblox.

Soon after, Enzo Schiappa created a TikTok account to extend his social media presence as a pro-puppeteer. Instead of his usual gaming content, Enzo reacts to different video trends and spreads endless laughter to audiences across the globe. 


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