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Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

A Brief Biography (H2)

Demi Bagby is a social media personality who is famous for fitness and lifestyle content on her TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels. Across all her videos, it’s evident that Demi’s body flexibility, mobility, and strength are on a whole other level. Her palpable enthusiasm makes people fall in love with her precious energy—it’s no surprise she has a combined 17 million followers in online spaces.

With the power and influence of Demi Bagby, having her onboard with your company’s projects will be a game changer. 

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Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby

Image Credits: Instagram

About Demi Bagby

Birthdate: 10 January, 2001

Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States

Occupation: Bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete, social media personality, content creator, fitness instructor

Growing up being a soccer player and a cheerleader, it was evident that Demi Bagby was born to be an athlete. But in 2014, Demi suffered a cheerleading incident that broke her back and left her paralyzed for three months. Devastated, Demi was heartbroken to discover that she would not be able to return to cheerleading any time soon.

During her recovery period, Demi got herself involved in CrossFit and callisthenics. She did her best to heal from her injuries and endure the battle—and she successfully won. Today, Demi Bagby is one of America’s most honoured and respected athletes. 

Aside from being a fitness model, Demi Bagby also shares her knowledge about bodybuilding through her app, Demi Bagby Fit. Tons of her fans have left positive reviews and shared compelling progress photos to encourage others. There’s no doubt about it that she continues to inspire people with her life-changing story.

Demi Bagby

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