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Astro Alexandra

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

Space and galactic elements remain mysterious, but Astro Alexandra dedicates her life and social media platforms to sharing everything about the universe! This TikTok star gained a massive audience of two million followers because of her easy-to-understand astronomical explanations.

Collaborating with this content creator is a fantastic way to align your brand with the stars.

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Astro Alexandra

Astro Alexandra

Image Credits: Instagram

About Astro Alexandra

Birthdate: 12 December, 1995

Birthplace: Massachusetts, USA

Occupation: Communications Strategist, Content Creator, and Expert in Space Communications

Alexandra Doten has always been passionate about everything in the universe and was determined to become a total pro in all things related to space. Doten’s motivation led her to become a NASA Project Support Specialist and Intern. She also worked as a Communications Strategist for the United States Space Force, giving her an impressive space research and relations background.

It wasn’t long before Alexandra Deton decided to make it a point that people across the globe see just how incredibleastronomy truly is. This pushed her to make Astro Alexandra, a platform where she explains topics of the cosmos in a simple and digestible manner. . 

Alexandra’s passion for astronomy is a niche that truly makes her stand out. Her informative videos educate viewers about exciting things happening in the universe. She walks audiences through space history, women in space exploration, and the continuous discovery within the cosmos. 

Astro Alexandra

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