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Alex Warren

Image Credits: Instagram

A Brief Biography

From rags to riches, Alex Warren is a TikToker whose non-stop grind has turned him into a social media star with over 15.7 million followers. When he started making videos, audiences instantly became fans of his skateboarding content posted on YouTube. Upon creating a TikTok account, Alex found an audience that openly welcomed his comedic stunts.

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Talent Connect is a platform that strives to help businesses flourish through celebrity endorsements. We may not directly represent artists, but our vast connections allow us to get the contact details of famous TikTok stars like Alex Warren! If you wish to book him for engagements, our team can walk you through the booking process and get you in touch with Alex Warren’s manager or agent. 

Alex Warren

Alex Warren

Image Credits: Instagram

About Alex Warren

Birthdate: 18 September 2000

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Singer, Content Creator, TikToker, YouTuber

Alex Warren is a viral content creator famous for his stunts and skateboarding tricks. Another reason that audiences love tuning in to his content is that you’ll always see him smiling. The positivity he has is what pushed him out of a homeless situation. Alex’s confidence and good vibes were his lifeline that paved the way for his respected artistry today. 

His passion for music and singing enabled him to pursue a career as a musician. “One More I Love You” was his debut single, and everyone loved the track as soon as it dropped. Now, Alex happily performs his original songs to his fans across the United States.

Alex Warren

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