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A Brief Biography

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer are a hilarious duo, also known as the social media sensation: Cat & Nat. Realizing the challenges and loneliness that can sometimes come with motherhood, Cat & Nat started hosting dinner parties and events to bring women and moms together. It wasn’t long before they expanded their community to the online space as well. With their active community and profound influence, Cat & Nat can surely boost the success of your event or campaign. 

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Cat & Nat

cat nat

Image Credits: Instagram

About Cat & Nat

Birthdate: March 15, 1983 (Catherine Belknap); May 15 1983 (Natalie Telfer)

Birthplace: Canada

Occupation: Self-help authors, comedians, social media stars, content creators

Cat & Nat are two of the coolest moms online. Having experienced the challenges and loneliness of motherhood, this dynamic duo took on a mission to bring women and moms together to have fun and to show solidarity. They started with hosting in-person events and dinner parties which became a huge success. The next step for Cat & Nat was to take on the online space to grow their community further and reach more moms around the world. 

Currently, Cat & Nat go on comedy show tours, host podcasts, and keep their online community, The Common Parent, thriving. They have also co-written a book titled Mom Truths and offer various other exciting products on their website. It’s no surprise that Cat & Nat have numerous followers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

Cat & Nat

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Like with most celebrities, the Cat & Nat booking price can depend on a number of factors like the following: 

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  • The celebrity’s schedule
  • Other engagements

In addition, hotel accommodations, travel expenses, and transportation costs may be added for in-person events. To learn more about Cat & Nat’s booking price, reach out to our team.

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