Our Top 10 Picks: NBA Players in Commercials

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    Mar 17, 2022

A collage of three NBA players in commercials

You probably didn’t know that the world’s most iconic basketball stars have MVP-worthy athletic skills and Oscar-worthy acting chops — and we’ve made a list of the top 10 NBA commercials to prove it.

From Stephen Curry to Blake Griffin, these funny NBA commercials were major showstoppers and are bound to inspire you to cast some all-star talent in your next campaign

Read on to see the top 10 TV spots the crowds just couldn’t get enough of. Get ready to discover exactly why brands love featuring NBA players in commercials

Stephen Curry x CarMax

There’s no better way to promote your used car retail company than by showing that Stephen Curry trusts your brand — and loves hanging out at your office so much, he practically lives there.

Through this NBA commercial, CarMax conveyed that getting online offers for your car is easy with them because they give you a week to think it over. Here we are wondering if Curry finally decided to sell his car for $42,500.00 — or is still eating cereal at their office as we speak. 

Chris Paul x State Farm  

State Farm has a repertoire of funny NBA commercials, and this one starring Chris Paul is among the ones we love the most. 

The basketball star who plays for the Phoenix Suns was the perfect celebrity to bring this storyboard to life. From the sense of paranoia showing how terrified he is of a little girl on a bike to the comedic synergy with Jake of State Farm, everything was on point. One thing’s for sure — Chris Paul definitely needs insurance from State Farm to reduce his anxiety. 

Norman Powell and Fred VanVleet x Osmows

Norman Powell of the LA Clippers and Fred VanVleet of the Toronto Raptors make one hilarious duo — and all it took was this funny NBA commercial to discover that.  

Ironically, Powell shows he’s got quite a bad aim as he *accidentally* tosses burgers and pizza at a crew member’s face. VanVleet was way too busy indulging in his Osmow’s shawarma to even say anything. All is well in the end as they treat the crew member to his own shawarma wrap. It basically proves that Osmow’s great food can fix anything

LeBron James x Sprite

It’s impossible to leave out this collaboration on the list of funny NBA commercials that we love.

Sprite leveraged the influence of basketball legend LeBron James and the power of reverse psychology to make their brand unforgettable. Instead of just plain out telling you to drink the soda, LeBron James tells you he won’t ever tell you to drink Sprite.

Remember, no one is telling you to drink that thirst-quenching Sprite.

This funny basketball commercial is plain genius. 

Ben Simmons, Devin Booker, Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russel x Foot Locker

We’re all for NBA players in commercials, especially when their interactions are this epic. 

In this TV spot, newly drafted Ben Simmons turns to Devin Booker, Karl Anthony Towns, and D’Angelo Russel for some advice now that he’s made it into the association. It’s hinted that he’ll need to start upgrading to some Footlocker gear and that the NBA isn’t like college at all — nothing will come easy anymore. Then, as a last piece of advice, they take his phone and toss it into the ocean. 

He probably regrets asking for advice. But at least he’ll get some cool Footlocker gear, right? 

Jayson Tatum x Ruffles

Ruffles is the official chip of the NBA — and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics was selected to bring his own flavor of flaming hot barbecue Ruffles to the shelves, one that perfectly embodies his personality on the court. 

In this NBA commercial, they go back to his roots in the city of St. Louis to see the people and places that shaped who he is today. 

Everyone loves a bag of chips. Everyone loves a good story — and this commercial has both. 

Kyle Kuzma and Javale McGee x Wish

Gift-giving isn’t a competition — or is it? Basketball stars Kyle Kuzma and Javale McGee gave audiences a good laugh in this NBA commercial. Fierce rivalry emerged as they went above and beyond to give the president of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss, the best gift possible using the Wish shopping app. 

There’s no doubt about it that when you cast NBA players in commercials, it’s always remarkably entertaining. 

Blake Griffin x Kia

This Kia NBA commercial reminiscent of blockbuster superhero flicks is not your average TV spot — and Blake Griffin is definitely not some average actor. This collaboration right here set the bar high for basketball players in commercials. 

The Brooklyn Nets star displayed Oscar-worthy acting skills that proved he has both action star vibes and perfect comedic timing. 

Kevin Durant x Degree

When your body sweats, it’s crying tears of joy. That’s what we learned from the legendary  Kevin Durant in this Degree deodorant commercial. 

It’s memorable and thought-provoking — and it epitomizes why brands are drawn to casting NBA players in commercials. 

Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam x PlayStation

Kyle Lowry of the Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors’ Pascal Siakam displayed some hilarious acting chops in this funny NBA commercial for PlayStation.

As they demonstrated the personalities and POVs of the different types of gamers, there’s no doubt about it that audiences wanted to try their hand at some PlayStation action. 

Call The Shots — Dream Up Your Own NBA Commercials

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