10 Notable Celebrity Brand Ambassador Partnerships

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    Apr 10, 2022

A collage of LeBron James, Jeon Jungkook, Dua Lipa, and Gigi Hadid

Images from @gigihadid, @kingjames, @louisvuitton, and @pepejeans

When we just can’t seem to reach a decision, we look to the stars — but not the ones in the shimmery night sky in a super dramatic way. 

We’re talking about Hollywood’s glamorous A-listers and other notable celebrities.

Whether it’s deciding what style trends to follow, what shampoo to use, what drink to sip on, or which fitness routines to follow, we’ve all turned to our favorite stars at some point to take some notes. Let’s face it: we’re not just mesmerized by their talent; we’re equally fascinated by their celebrity lifestyles as well. 

Audiences look up to celebrities for diverse elements — and this has enabled various brands to put their names on the consumer radar through strategic campaigns. That’s why Talent Connect is here to highlight 10 notable brand partnerships with celebrity ambassadors. 


Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans

When Dua Lipa’s hit track “Physical” dominated the airwaves in 2020, the colored jeans trend began climbing its way up the style ladder too. In the music video for the track, the pop star rocked various pairs of colorful, denim courtesy of Pepe Jeans.

Fans were quick to incorporate the Dua Lipa-approved look into their wardrobe, and the collection was completely sold out on the website.

BTS x Louis Vuitton

Wondering how to upgrade your airport style? Allow Jungkook of BTS to inspire you to turn the terminals into your own runway! 

Proving that Louis Vuitton selecting BTS as their House Ambassadors was one of the best decisions in luxury fashion history, the entire outfit that Jungkook wore on his trip from Incheon to New York was sold out on the brand’s website. *claps in haute couture*

Whether it’s their concerts or their celebrity lifestyle, now you know why they call the biggest band in the world “sold-out kings.”


Gigi Hadid x Maybelline

What’s Gigi Hadid’s secret to flawless makeup looks no matter where she goes? Maybe — just maybe — it’s Maybelline.

The supermodel’s fans raced to snatch the brand’s Jetsetter palette designed by Hadid herself. In the U.K., it sold out in just 90 minutes

Rihanna x Vogue Beauty Secrets

No matter where paparazzi catch Rihanna, the Billboard number one hitmaker’s looks are always photoshoot-ready. But just how does she do it? It’s definitely not rocket science nor is it sorcery (There are actual videos that prove this)

RiRi shared her “Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup” routine on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets segment on YouTube, which raked in over 38 million views. That’s a lot of people interested in the makeup aspect of her celebrity lifestyle. 

Skin & Haircare

Emily Ratajkowski x Kerastese

What is it about the celebrity lifestyle that enables them to never have a strand out of place? Well, in the case of model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, she owes a lot of her great hair days to Kérastase.

Now, the 600k viewers who’ve seen the official ad on YouTube know the secret.

Lucy Hale x SkinCeuticals

Because the celebrity lifestyle involves glamming up with makeup all the time, we’re all curious about what the stars use to keep their skin glowing behind the scenes.

For Lucy Hale, it’s SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum. Because her complexion always looks so fresh and youthful, we’re going to trust what this Pretty Little Liars star says.

Fitness Routines

David Beckham x F45

After winning 19 major trophies over a mega-successful 20-year career in football, you can’t blame fans for wanting to know what David Beckham’s fitness routine is. Now that he’s joined F45 Training, a global fitness community providing innovative group workouts, it looks like we’ll find out more about how we can add some celebrity lifestyle vibes to our own routines.

LeBron James x Tonal

If King James is powered by Tonal and became a four-time basketball champion, does that mean we should be adding this to our fitness routine to up our chances of winning at life? No one knows — but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Tonal fitness equipment is a vital element of LeBron James’s celebrity lifestyle. And because of this collaboration, all of his 116 million Instagram followers are fully aware of that now. 


Charli D’Amelio x Dunkin Drink

In Charli D’Amelio’s celebrity lifestyle, Dunkin’ owns a permanent spot! 

What started out as the TikTok star simply posting about her go-to cold brew order at the donut chain has resulted in an official smash-hit collaboration. In 2021, Dunkin’ added “The Charli” to their menu across the U.S.

Because Chunkin’ has become a reality, fans can get a taste of the TikTok star’s celebrity lifestyle anytime! 

Megan Thee Stallion x Popeyes

What sauce does Megan Thee Stallion use to add some flavor to her celebrity lifestyle? All you have to do is head on over to Popeye’s to find out!

Launched in 2021, this global collaboration was all about a unique hot sauce made with honey, cider vinegar, and Aleppo pepper. Inspired by the chart-topper’s “sassy personality,” Megan worked closely with Popeye’s culinary team to bring it to life!

Claim Your Spot in the Celebrity Lifestyle

The elements that make up the celebrity lifestyle always have and always will make headlines. This keen public interest provides a golden opportunity for brand collaborations

It’s your brand’s turn to claim its spot in the celebrity lifestyle. Establish your products or services as a staple in the life of the A-listers and their loyal audiences. 

Talent Connect is a premier booking agency that can kickstart this process for you. Whether it’s the world’s biggest film and TV actors, musicians, or athletes, we’re here to make celebrity collaborations a reality.

Get in touch with us to learn more! 

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