The Top 10 Most Epic Celebrity Super Bowl Commercials

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    Feb 17, 2022

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The Super Bowl has a viewership of about 100 million people every year. Some tune in to see their sports heroes, while others keep their eyes peeled for the exciting celebrity Super Bowl commercials. 

These high-budget advertisements cost about $5.6 million for a 30-second spot—it’s no wonder brands go all out with their storyboards and celebrity endorsers to get the best bang (and attention!) for their buck. 

Check out some of the most epic celebrity Super Bowl commercials below!

Will Smith & Butterscotch x Peacock (2022)

If there’s one celebrity Super Bowl commercial that had the world bopping, it’s the Bel Air TV spot. Who doesn’t remember the lyrics to the 90s mega-hit series Fresh Prince, right? 

Will Smith and Butterscotch dropped the beat as they introduced the world to the reboot that premiered on Peacock in February 2022. The commercial was so rich in culture and featured people with insane musical skills from all over the globe—how refreshing. 

Miley Cyrus & Dolly Parton x T-Mobile (2022)

If there was an award for “unstoppable godmother and goddaughter duo,” we’re pretty sure it would go to Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus sang her heart out in this 2022 Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile, she made it quite clear that she has sincere concern for all the struggling 5G phones in the world. As she went “Do it for the phones….faster speeds nationwide” in a range only she can reach, we’re certain millions of viewers were convinced to make the big switch to T-Mobile. 

In just eight days, the official commercial garnered over 29 million views. That’s a lot of people doing it for the phones. 

Kevin Hart x Sam’s Club (2022)

If you want your celebrity Super Bowl commercial to be heard very loud and clear, then all roads lead to Kevin Hart. Whether you’re five or eighty-five, everyone loves to listen to his signature sense of humour. 

At the Super Bowl LVI, he cemented Sam’s Club in viewers’ minds as the best place for some VIP shopping—where they can scan items by themselves and skip the check-out line.

LeBron James x Crypto.com (2022)

This TV spot features a present-day LeBron James speaking to his teenage self who’s curious about the future. And when he said, “I can’t tell you everything. But if you want to make history, you’ve got to call your own shots,” everyone got goosebumps—and made a run for it to invest in cryptocurrency. You never know, right?

And just like that, it has become one of the all-time favourite celebrity Super Bowl commercials. Crypto.com must be dealing with some heavy traffic as we speak. 

Drake, Patrick Mahomes, Paul Rudd & Aaron Rodgers x State Farm (2021)

This star-studded State Farm advertisement sure ranks high on the list of celebrity Super Bowl commercials that will give you a good laugh! 

Featuring Drake, Patrick Mahomes, Paul Rudd, and Aaron Rodgers, it united some of the favourite icons in the rap, movie, and football scene—making it such an impactful pop culture treat for viewers everywhere. 

Cardi B, Mike Myers & Dana Carvey x Uber Eats (2021)

This celebrity Super Bowl commercial encouraged viewers to support local businesses by choosing local food via Uber Eats. The storyline might have been throwing some subtle shade at overused marketing techniques—but hey, eat worked. 

Great job, Cardi B, Mike Myers, and Dana Carvey! 

Cobie Smulders x Toyota (2020)

On our list of top celebrity Super Bowl commercials, we just couldn’t leave out Cobie Smulders’s epic Toyota TV spot! 

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans across the globe were screaming with excitement as they got to see the actress bring Maria Hill vibes to the screen again. In this hilarious advertisement for the Highlander model, she plays the ultimate hero of heroes who leaves no one behind —because the Highlander she drives has got plenty of room to spare. #Genius

Chance the Rapper & The Backstreet Boys x Doritos (2019)

If we had to name all the reasons why Chance the Rapper is one of our favourite people on the planet, that would be a really long list. So, we’ll just show you one of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials of all time to sum it up. 

This advertisement gave viewers the “I Want It That Way” remix no one knew they needed. There was no better way to highlight Doritos’s newest Flamin’ Hot Nacho variation. 

Michael Bublé x Bubly (2019)

Three years later, and we’re still giving this celebrity Superbowl commercial from 2019 a standing ovation. Not only did Bubly Sparkling Water flawlessly integrate incredible brand recall techniques, but they also made it completely impossible for viewers to look at this drink without chuckling at the thought of this genius commercial. 

Everybody loves Michael Bublé. And when you put him in a Bubly commercial, everybody will love Bubly. As a plus point, everybody now pronounces both names correctly—all thanks to this commercial. 

Tom Brady x Intel (2017)

With seven Super Bowl titles up his sleeve, Tom Brady is an NFL legend no one will ever forget. And this Intel advertisement right here is one of the celebrity Super Bowl commercials we’ll never forget either. 

And to add up to how unforgettable it was, we’re pretty sure the dog featured here never got over how Tom Brady did not share that pancake. 

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