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A Brief Biography

Devin Booker is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The leading athlete was drafted to the team during the NBA Draft of 2015. Devin Booker is a brilliant addition to the world of sports who solidified his status as a basketball star with a myriad of records. To name one, he became the youngest player to score over 60  points in a game in 2017. Two years later, at the age of 22, he set another record by becoming the youngest player in NBA history to score consecutive 50-point games. Additionally, he received his first NBA All-Star selection in 2020. 

The basketball industry is brimming with gems, but Devin Booker is one of the most dazzling ones who can propel your events and campaigns to new heights.

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Devin Booker

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About Devin Booker

Birthdate:  October 30, 1996

Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 

Occupation: Basketball Player 

Devin Armani Booker, also known by his professional name, Devin Booker, was born on October 30, 1996, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He initially played basketball with his team at Grandville High School in Michigan before moving to Mississippi to live with his father, Melvin Booker, who was a former professional basketball player himself. During that time, Devin Booker enrolled at Moss Point High School and made history by scoring more points than his teammates did combined. By the end of his first season, he averaged 22.7 points per game. Demonstrating such high calibre skill at a young age, it became evident early on that basketball was written in the stars for Devin Booker. 

In 2015, the basketball prodigy was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and broke records by becoming the youngest player to score more than 60 points in a game. Following in the footsteps of his talented father, Devin Booker didn’t waste time in making his mark in the NBA and turning himself into a household name. 

In 2019, the athlete nearly set a triple-double with 35 points, a career-high of 12 rebounds, and 9 assists in a nail-biting 100-98 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. From December 2019 to January 2020, Devin Booker managed to score more than 30 points in seven consecutive games. The astounding streak shattered a franchise record for most consecutive 30 plus games in a row, breaking a record that was previously held by Charlie Scott and Charles Barkley. The basketball magnate was crowned an All-Star on February 13, 2020

Aside from being a master at shooting hoops, Devin Booker is also a champion at giving back. In 2019, The Phoenix Suns superstar has pledged to donate a whopping total of $2.5 million to Suns’ charities over the coming five years. Devin Booker is an athlete who scores on the court and pays it forward in life. 

Devin Booker

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