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A Brief Biography

A highly respected athlete like Mike Trout can help your business in increasing brand awareness and brand equity. Mike Trout, aptly nicknamed the “Millville Meteor”, is one of the most famous names in baseball. As a professional center field baseball player, he is an 8-time MLB All-Star, a 3-time winner of the American League MVP Award, and an 8-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award. The talent he consistently shows on the field reflects in his 1.8 million social media followers, making him the top choice for your next campaign.

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Mike Trout

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About Mike Trout

Birthdate: August 7, 1991

Birthplace: Vineland, New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Professional baseball player – center fielder

Mike Trout was born on August 7, 1991, in Vineland, New Jersey, United States. His father played baseball for the University of Delaware and was drafted in 1983 as a second baseman for the Minnesota Twins. This was Trout’s earliest inspiration to become a professional baseball player. 

Trout began playing baseball at Millville Senior High School where he played for both the baseball and basketball teams. He first began playing the sport as a pitcher and shortstop but was then shifted to the outfield position in his senior year. That same year, Trout hit 18 home runs which was a New Jersey high school record.

During the 2009 MLB Draft, Trout was selected 25th overall by the Arizona League Angels, a minor league baseball team in Arizona. Because of his exemplary performance through numerous games, Trout was selected to play in the All-Star Futures Game, an annual exhibition game hosted by the MLB wherein a team of minor league baseball prospects played against a team of prospects from other countries. 

After the All-Star Futures Game, Trout was named by Baseball America as the second-best overall baseball prospect. He was soon promoted to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Los Angeles Dodgers.    

In July 2011, Trout had his debut in the major leagues when the Los Angeles Angels promoted him to center field after another player was injured. By the end of the season, Trout was named Baseball America’s Minor League Player of the Year

Trout had his full-season major-league debut in 2012 with the Los Angeles Angels. After numerous exemplary games and recording his first career four-hit game, it was no surprise that Trout won the 2012 American Rookie of the Year award. Following this success, Trout was given numerous contract extensions; to this day, he continues to play for the LA Angels on a $426.5 million contract over 12 years.

Throughout his career, Trout has won the American League Most Valuable Player Award three times. He is also one of the most consistent recipients of the Silver Slugger Award, which is given to the best offensive player at each position in both the American League and the National League. He has won this award for the years 2012 to 2016 and 2018 to 2020 – eight times total! On top of all this, he is also an eight-time MLB All-Star. 

There is no doubt that Mike Trout is truly one of the best baseball players of our time, consistently delivering high-level performances and delighting his millions of fans and social media followers. 

Mike Trout

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